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zaterdag 11 februari 2012


My definition of a free society
is a society where it's safe to be unpopular.
- Adlai E. Stevenson II

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no, a tragedy! A lovely illustration but you've made the roach cute and now I feel bad for him. I love that bent antennae. Well, maybe he'll survive it. Maybe there's not much spray left. ;)

  2. Nice illustration! I couldn't help but laugh... then I do agree with Cindy, I felt bad just a little! :-)

  3. Haha I hate roaches but you managed to make this one cute! I almost feel bad for him. But not quite...

  4. Such a sad expression ... he seems resigned to his fate! Very appealing character design, Kate.

  5. I wish cockroaches were as cute as yours. Wonderful idea for the prompt. :)

  6. Usually I just don't like cockroaches but you really put across a good point here! Great piece.

  7. Wooaw, Thanx all of you :D
    I was in search of a little friend for my Beez,
    and looking to all this feedback..
    ..I think I might have found him ;)